Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 9 – Game 1 – Turn 5

Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 9 – Game 1 – Turn 5

Turn 5:

It looks like a turn where both sides really have the potential to swing things to their favour, where initiative will be key. However, as things go, it turns out to never be that simple in the underhive…

Action Report:

The Escher keep the initiative from last turn, something that might become crucial in the following activations.

Smoke on the water…

The smoke cloud dissipates, not that it matters to the photo-goggle wearing Ryhn, who hoists up her heavy stubbed and pulls the trigger with a wild laugh. She holds her nerve and rather than aiming for the exposed Merc leader instead aims for the further away, but more dangerous to her gang-sisters, shotgunner. It’s not to be however and she misses by a mile. (Due to the vagaries of the rapid fire rules it was probably the right choice to go for the shotgunner, and the hit roll was a 2 for only two rapid fire hits which is about as bad as you could hope to do – at least she didn’t use too much ammo).

Aelbeth hesitates, she cannot see the shotgunner from where she is and she was slaked to help Joha, but that combat shotgun is looking mighty threatening… I cannot choose so I decide to roll for it.

4-6 she tries to hit the shotgunner, 1-3 she sticks to her orders…

It’s a 2.

She’s going to need some good rolls to get this off but if anyone can, it’s an Escher… 2” extra move on her charge… get’s her to the edge with 4” to spare for the jump… 3.5” will get her to the merc so she has the distance… an initiative roll… it’s a 1. Oh no!

She falls, landing with a mighty crash but, fortunately, she’s only winded (and is far enough away from the ledge not to fall a second time into a pit). It was a bold attempt Aelbeth, now the injured Joha will have to just deal with her opponent on her own.

Fuck you gravity.

Mercs activation… it has to be the shotgunner…

She runs wide to give her companions space, and then lays down a predictable template. Ayel, hit twice and wounded twice, then like a champ she saves both, her trusty flak armour stopping each of them. Myr is hit four times but the pellets only graze the Escher ganger, sending her sprawling to the ground though.

That certainly could have been a lot worse.

Down but not out.

Myr clicks one of her ‘special rounds’ into her shotgun’s chamber and clambers up, maybe this will give the Goliath something to do rather than finishing off Sandri. Bullseye, it’s a hit. It doesn’t wound but the Goliath fighter is covered in burning acid as the plastic round bursts against their furnace plate.

Acid to meet you?

It might be a risk she comes to regret but as all the active Escher gangers are looking a bit too far away the Merc Leader instead decides to charge the injured Sandri. Hopefully she can finish the ganger off and move back into cover before the next turn. She makes it in, all four of her attacks connecting, but only one wounds – looks like Sandri might be getting lucky. Injury roll… just a fleshwound.

Definitely not cricket…

Rather than finish Sandri off the Merc Leader dodges back into cover rather than be caught out in front of Ryhn and the rest of the Escher next turn.

Cowardly behaviour…

Joha attacks for…. No hits. Her opponent strikes back, hits a lot, but for all that only does a flesh wound, though at this rate Joha is bleeding badly and won’t be able to keep this up much longer.

Knife fight…

The bolter merc appears on the top of the stack and (still lacking any bolter ammo) drops, what turns out to be his only, frag grenade onto Rae. It doesn’t wound but does pin the shotgun-ess.

Fire in the hole…

Ayel gets up off the floor and runs over to prevent any further attacks against the downed Sandri.

The acid splattered Goliath doesn’t get injured during his activation but the burning gloop makes him stagger around bellowing, before falling over into a pile of barrels, still covered in acid. Good work that man.

Not earning his pay…

Last meaningful activation, the merc fighting Joha activates, misses and runs out of ammo with her autopistol, and also misses with her sword. Joha seeing an opportunity stabs, which isn’t parried, wounds… and then the blow is taken on the armour. You tried.

Sandri doesn’t move.

Finally another shot rings out from far behind but just misses Ryhn.

At the very end of the turn, Sandri (with help from Ayel) stabilises and stops being seriously injured. Though this does leave two of the Escher gangers down to their last point of toughness (Joha and Sandri).

Well both sides certainly blunted their opponent’s chances but I don’t think either side really capitalise on their position. The Merc Leader was still a bit far back to reach the Escher the shotgunner had successfully bottlenecked.

The bolter Merc on the top of the tower is rapidly running out of weapons and I wonder if he is destined for a new pacifist existence up there, or at least that he’s above cannonballing off the top to land on Sandri and Ayel like the underhives version of a gory mario-stomp.