Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 8 – Game 1 – Turn 4

Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 8 – Game 1 – Turn 4

A turn were blood will be spilt and probably no-one will fall down any big holes.


Joha leaps the barricade barrelling into her foe, slashing high but wide with her combat knife, then trying to take advantage of her opponent’s hesitation with a stubgun round, which misses. Her last blow is low stab to the guts but her opponent deftly reacts, blades clash and the knife thrust is parried into the empty air. Her opponent hisses an insult and attacks back. A hail of autopistol rounds clip Joha twice but they’re only superficial cuts. Then the sword catches Joha across the shoulder, it bites into the amour, blood spilling out but Joha stays on her feet. The fight will continue.

Brought a gun, another gun and a knife… to a knife fight…

The attacker with the bolter once again opens up at Ryhn, once again missing, and once again running out of ammo. This guy has no luck. This time he doesn’t have a spare mag to hand and the bolter clicks empty. Sensing his vulnerability he moves back out of sight.

Rae finishes her advance to the pillars of the stack and blasts a slug at the mercenary she spots moving forward there. But misses. At least she’s moved further away from the hole.

Non-ominous lighting…

Rather than engage Rae the merc turns back towards the main square and blasts Sandri with a cone of lead from her combat shotgun. The shot peppers the Escher fighter and, even with the protection of the cover she is in, it tears through her armour and she slumps against the crates.


In her activation Sandri crawls away from her attackers leaving a trail of blood.

The Goliath stands up and shoots down at Ayel, the shot pinging off the barricade (again).

Ayel runs up the bridge and sends a las-pistol blast in the direction of the shotgun-merc, but the shot is deflected by cover.

The merc leader runs forward, throws a smoke grenade to the ground at her feet which bounces behind her, though it still manages to obscure her crew.

Off in the clouds.

Using this unexpected cover, Myr runs up behind Ayel.

The advance…

The merc fighting Joha activates, a hail of autopistol rounds once again missing, but the sword strikes home, but does nothing more than clip her. Joha fights back, the stub round misses and once again the knife thrust is parried.

The mercs are out of activations.

Ryhn and Aelbeth robbed of targets both move up to the end of the walkway. Finally, a hard-round from behind, and long way away, clips between Ryhn and Aelbeth suddenly the walkways are feeling a lot more exposed.

In the recovery phase at the end of the turn, Sandri continues to bleed on the floor.

Well, they’re moving up at least.
Statler and Waldorf impersonators

Thoughts: For a turn when not a lot happened I think a lot of the game might have been defined, particularly with respect to positioning, the bolter merc running out of ammo significantly reduces him as a threat, though he has a few tricks left. The action report doesn’t really cover it but there was a lot of activation chicken going on in the middle of the table with Sandri not wanting to charge the Goliath and leave her back exposed to a pretty easy charge from the Merc Leader. Which would be bad if she’d killed the Goliath (which certainly wasn’t give) and worst if she ended up in a Goliath/Venator sandwich.

This stalemate was ultimately broken when the shotgun merc survived Rae’s attack unscathed (and crucially un-pinned) and was able to run across and blast Sandri with her auto-hitting rounds from the combat-shotgun.

I hadn’t realised at the time but the next turn is potentially pretty dicey with initiative likely to play a huge part of things. The presence of the smoke doesn’t really hamper Ryhn so if the Eschers get to act first then there is potential for some serious heavy stubber love into the gathered Mercs. If the Mercs get to go first Myr and Ayel are awfully vulnerable to being combat-shotgunned on the Southern bridge. Sandri is very exposed and seems likely to be getting stomped on by either the Merc Leader or the Goliath next turn unless something significant happens.