Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 7 – Game 1 – Turn 3

Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 7 – Game 1 – Turn 3

Everything will still be fine in the Underhive (probably).

Things are starting to hot up, after a couple of turns of carefully pushing up it looks like things about to get loud.


Joha finishes her run towards cover, aiming her lasrifle up at the figure on the stack. From the corner of her eye she spots someone moving on the farside of the bridge but she’s too busy shooting to notice much. She shoots, she hits, and she also needs an ammo test as her underhive power cells stutter and threaten to die, banging the receiver, the charge bar blurts back to full charge – a success. Her shot hits too. Striking solidly and the figure falls back from sight.

One shot one… maybe kill?

The Goliath on the ground level rests his stubgun on the crates in front of him, aiming at Rae, squeezing a shot off but it richoches harmlessly off the barrier Rae is crouched behind.

Ayel disappointed that the target on the level above is now out of sight, quickly redirects her fire to the Goliath that just fired at her and Myr. Just out of short range so no bonus. Her hope for a kill is not to be though, the las-blast harmlessly strikes the boxes instead.

From the direction of the hive wall a figure runs forward and takes cover behind some crates to the E of the Goliath.

Myr, brings her shotgun up and blasts a slug back at the Goliath shooting at her group. Just out of short range. She hits but there is no cry of pain, and the Goliath dunks down out of sight,

A figure appears from the top of the hive wall steps and runs forward, out of sight, behind the pillars of the main stack.

Sandri and Rae exchange a quick look, from how things are turning out it looks like it would be best for them to swap directions, therefore Sandri takes the South bridge, particularly as the Goliath near it is keeping his head down. The bridge feels pretty exposed and with no targets in sight she reaches the comparative cover of the boxes the Goliath is presumably hiding on the far side of.

Bridge to meet you.

The figure who Joha saw earlier now runs towards her, brandishing a sword and pistol.

Close but no stab-gar

After swapping directions with Sandri, Rae advances north, shotgun raised, not seeing anyone clearly she hurries across the gap not quite making the pillars on the far side but choosing to end her move as far away from the perilous drop as possible.

Hedging one’s chances.

The bolter wielder on the far stack choose this time to make his presence felt, Standing he hammers a burst of hefty bolt rounds down at Ryhn and Aelbeth. The barricade is rocked with mass reactive explosions and the Gang Sisters have a moment of relief as the bolter clicks empty, however, it is to be brief as the shooter expertly slams home a fresh magazine.

Ryhn isn’t having any of this, elevating the heavy stubber before barrier has even stopped rocking. She peppers the top of the stack with heavy rounds but fails to score a hit, ducking back behind the barricade to change out her ammo-belts (successful ammo check).