Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 6 – Game 1 – Turn 2

Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 6 – Game 1 – Turn 2

With one enemy spotted the team seems to have a plan of action, but how will things turn out as we head into turn 2?


Ayel runs forwards, stopping just short of the bridge and volt wall. Pointing her pistol across the gap at the previously spotted Goliath. Sweeping about her she thinks the immediate area is clear but spots a figure hunched down on the top of the main stack.

The Goliath fighter, on the far-side of the crevasse, identified the turn before scans across the area but doesn’t spot her.

Ryhn and Rae both run forward, Rae into cover of the barricade beside Ayel, whilst Ryhn kneels at the barricade beside the volt-wall controls, bracing her heavy-stubber against the metal, ready to fire.

The figure on the main stack continues to sweep the area with their bolter raised but in the gloom (miraculously) fails to spot any of the advancing Escher.

Guns up high…

Myr runs forward crouching down behind Ayel and Rae.

Collective noun for a group of Escher…

Joha climbs the ladder then runs towards the barricade, not quite reaching it.

Ignore the drop and exposed position…

Finally, Aelbeth runs towards the controls and with a couple of delft keystrokes the volt-wall gives one final brilliant spark of electrical discharge and falls silent. ‘Nothing to it’ she says, with a wide smile.

Fast work…

And that is the end of turn 2, two enemies now visible and one commands a good view of the field and is armed with the ever effective bolter.

Final positions:

Sandri should say Aelbeth…