Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 5 – Game 1 – Turn 1

Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 5 – Game 1 – Turn 1

Everything is Fine in the Underhive


The Escher girls found themselves in a ruined block scoping out the works that littered the approach to the internal-hive wall. It looked pretty clear, but appearances are rarely the whole truth in the underhive…

Ready to go…


Unsure what they were up against the general consensus seemed to have been to advance cautiously. Though some bolder commenters pushed up onto the walkways and the height advantage they offered (plus the control for the volt-wall they would no-doubt need to operate).

On the south-edge of the area, Rae pushes up to the foot of the ladder, leaning against a pillar she peers into the gloom spotting some hulking form among the crates beyond the crevasse, with particularly sharp eyes it should be said.

Probably not friendly…

The hulking shape gives no sign of having spotted the approaching Escher and instead wanders aimlessly.

Aelbeth follows Rae, climbing the ladder and reaching the walkways, leading the gang’s advance she’s keeping up to her ‘Fast’ nickname.

Myr pushes up to barricade, she can just about see the figure Rae already spotted and is reasonably sure no-one is close to here on this side of the volt-wall.

Joha advances towards the disused silo, staying well clear of the perilous drop.

Ryhn slings her stubber onto her back and follows Aelbeth, just emerging onto the top of the walkway.

Sandri runs lightly behind her gang sister, not quite reaching the barricade where Myr is and steps up-to a nearby pillar instead.

Ayel, unwilling to be left on her own, advances behind her more experienced gang sisters.

The advance…

At the end of turn 1 the team have spotted at least one opponent, looks like a Goliath ganger, meaning they’ll likely be in for a tough up-close fight if they are going to punch through to the safety of the hive-wall exits.

End of turn 1 positions…

Next time…