Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 11 – Game 1 – Turn 7+

Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 11 – Game 1 – Turn 7+

Turn 7

In what turns out to be the last turn of actively given orders I end up rolling the orders given to the decreasing pool of gangers forward to as the choices for further turns look pretty moot by this point. (Unless anyone really fancied doing something weird I guess).

Can the Eschers make it out of the Ambush, well…

Lugging her heavy stubber, sweating in the oppressive gloom and swearing at the casualties lying all around her, Ryhn dashes for freedom through the gap they have blown in the merc’s blockade.
Her photo-lens picks out sharp details in the darkness, the pile of her sisters shredded by the combat shotgun, the merc still holding the shotgun, one eye and the back of his head blown out by a single round from her heavy stubber. Aelbeth keeping pace with her, running on the other side of the chasm. And she can see the back of someone – Myr! – raising her weapon towards the outline of a figure in front of her, and firing…


For the first time all game the Mercs take the initiative.

Fortmas, the merc leader charges into Myr – hitting twice, wounding twice and the one unsaved hit is enough to take Myr out-of-action at a stroke. Almost as an afterthought, the Merc Leader stabs behind her and puts Ayel out of her misery too.


Aelbeth is already running forward, trying to get past the few mercs left standing as she catches glimpses of what happens to her Gang-sisters.


Thorne, the swordswoman merc, heads off after Aelbeth, her steps ringing out metal of the walkway adobe the fleeing ganger.

Ryhn gives up on the ladder and clambers down the girder in front of her, at least it got her on the bridge faster. In hindsight jumping down might have made more sense but as a more risky approach. Though being a bit further back might not be the worst state of affairs given how quickly the Merc leader tore through Ayel and Myr.


Burgh, the bolter merc moves the the back of the stack to open up his lines of fire.
Joha crawls a short distance.

At the end of the turn Joha remains on the ground but not dead yet. Mercs fail their bottle test, their resolve faltering in the face of their casualties.

Turn 8

At this point with the two remaining active Escher ganger only real choice to be to make it to the exit I just repeated Aelbeth’s and Ryhns orders until the game ended one way or the other. Action Though the team is broken, the merc leader keeps her squad together and committed to the victory which is surely in their sights. Once again the Mercs claim the initiative.

With Ryhn too far back the Fortmas charges towards the fleeing Aelbeth, it’s a long one… and falls short, but blocks Aelbeth’s path.


Aelbeth doubles back around the stack and hammers up the first flight or stairs, she’s almost there.


Thorne drops down the ladder next to Fortmas eager to catch another mark.


Joha crawls forward (actually having an impact on the game as it forced the bolter merc into acting before Ryhn)

Don’t run.

Burgh, the bolter merc, tries to stop the fleeing Aelbeth with a spray of autopistol rounds but misses.

All subtly discarded, Ryhn sprints up the bridge.


Turn 9

This must be the last turn of the game and it’s very close, the remaining Escher gangers are on their way to the exits but the Mercs are so close behind them.

Mercs pass their cool check and stay in the fight.

The Escher just claim the initiative…

Aelbeth is up the steps and away through the upper door, she’s broken past the ambush and is free into the hive.


Burgh shoots at Ryhn but misses.

Finally Ryhn sprints the last 10 yards, autopistol round whipping about her, and make it through the lower doorway.

Awaaaaay! II
It’s over.

The Eschers have just managed to break past the ambush and make it into the hive.

Well done team.

You got them through.

Table at the end…
Off into the Underhive