Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 10 – Game 1 – Turn 6

Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 10 – Game 1 – Turn 6

Turn 6:

It’s looking like it could really swing either way this turn as both sides close in. With so many fighters in close proximity there’s potential for a lot of bodies to hit the floor (spoilers: they do).



It’s another turn where the highest roll is a 2.

And the Escher are still going first.

Rae, aims she shoots, and even at close range, she only just hits. It wounds, but the Merc leader’s armour easily deflects it. Perhaps even more worryingly, the leader doesn’t even flinch, staying upright.

Shotgun merc goes next, she runs up and passes a cool check, which let’s her ignore Myr as the closest target. Then a combat shotgun blast whips across Sandri, Ayel, and Rae. In order then. Sandri, hit six times! Wounded five times, then only saves 1. There’s no chance for a good outcome, but how bad is it… wow, three seriously injured results, she almost… survived(ish) the attack, but one fleshwound is too much for Sandri, she doesn’t have enough left to bleed. First casualty.

Oof – Ayel, also hit six times. Wounded three time, which is pretty bad on an uphill roll. Saves all but one! But that’s all it takes, she drops like a sack, seriously injured.

Rae last, also hit six times, this is where the mercs’ good dice rolls were, wounded twice, and one gets through her armour. It’s only a fleshwound though.


Aelbeth pulls herself to her feet and hauls her rifle to her aching shoulder, sighting on the merc leader, but it’s not enough, the shot fizzing past her head instead.

The shot has barely passed when the merc leader is out of cover and onto Rae and the injured Ayel. In a flurry of blow it’s over, Rae collapsing from a sword thrust to the side before being coldly dispatched with a laspistol shot to the head as she lies bleeding on the ground. Second casualty.

Oof 2 – oof harder

Time-out – with things going… different to expected… I gave the teams the chance to vote on changing their next orders to some very obvious plays that had emerged.

Following the vote Ryhn forgets about moving and looks to extract some revenge against the shotgun toting merc. She braces foot against the railings and swings her heavy stubber to bear. A hit is rolled. Multiplied to four times with the rapid fire dice. Still, only wounds once though – but it’s enough, a failed save and Jenna, the shotgun merc who’d torn Ryhn’s team apart, is out of the action.


Bolter merc tries to reload but fails to find a spare mag, giving up, he blazes away at Ryhn with his autopistol. Which results in a miss by miles.

Myr’s activation, she goes for it, jumping off the bridge to put herself dead in front of the merc leader, special round loaded. It hits, it wounds, but then the merc’s armour takes the impact and the merc leader doesn’t even flinch. Maybe even worse the acid round doesn’t fully rupture tumbling away into the darkness. The gamble came close. The merc leader gives Myr an icey smile.


Merc activation. The swordswoman attacking Joha lets her empty pistol hang on its lanyard diving in with just her blade. Which hits, and the badly injured Joha cannot do much to resit it wounding. Her armour isn’t sufficient either and Joha finally slumps to the floor bleeding from a half dozen places. Seeing Joha is as good as gone regardless, her opponent doesn’t bother to finish her, and just consolidates her position into cover.

The acid splattered Goliath takes a fleshwound from the acid which quickly becomes moot when he takes a 10” random move into thin air.

Express way to the sump.

At the end of the turn the distant sniper continues to miss Ryhn.

Recovery phase: Joha stays down, which is as good as she could hope for. Ayel also stays down, even with Myr’s assistance.

The mercs pass their bottle test and seem committed to fighting this out.

End of turn 6