Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 1 – What’s Going On?

Underhive Adventures: Commenters Command Part 1 – What’s Going On?

Inspired by the combative-commenters series by Tim Stone on Rock-Paper-Shotgun. A Necromunda narrative campaign controlled by commenters on the Rollmodels Discord sever.


To cover the basic method of each turn, and for people not familiar with Necromunda (and those that are as I might run a few things differently due to the format):

Necromunda is pretty good for this style of game as it doesn’t allow for pre-measuring before moving or shooting. Though for things where a character obviously won’t make the full move distance I’ll generally be generous about stopping them short and in-cover if possible. That won’t apply to charges that might end up with a character caught out in the open.

Characters in play, Necromunda uses alternating activations for friendly and hostile models per turn. [Some skills change what comes next but we’ll worry about that when it comes to it] In each activation a character can perform two actions, sometimes the same action twice (ie moving), or some actions can only be used once (ie attacking) – but can be combined with another action. Some complicated actions take up both actions: charging (which includes an attack) or firing a heavy weapon. The order the actions are performed in will be slightly up to me and I’ll try and be sensible. However when a commenter is stating their orders they can include ‘first’, ‘early’, ‘late’, or ‘last’ in the message and that will influence my judgement.
A few things different to other games, character can generally only shoot at the nearest model unless they pass a ‘cool’ check (though there is some subtly to that as it’s the nearest model that is easiest to hit for target priority, you can without a cool-check target an enemy in the open who is further away than one in cover). Charges are straight (no banana charges) and into base to base contact (usually) – which makes it easier for me to control.

I think I’ll add a large compass rose to the table/maps so people can give directions that way. I’ll probably do it NSEW but I really want to make it some weird underhive version.

As it’s the underhive and gangers aren’t the easiest to order around at the best I think the general orders method can be as detailed as people want, but I’ll do what I think one means if I get confused by anything (I am sure this will add to the tension).

As said before orders are given on a first come, first served basis. I’ll probably do the turn situation report then an announcement that ‘orders will now be accepted’. High level characters can perform group activations and this is the only time that a commenter can control more than one character in a turn. When character actions are disrupted by enemy action, I’ll try to follow the orders to the best of my/their ability.

Commentor 1:
Luxx: Early, Move NW to pillar, shoot first enemy in the corridor.
Commentor 2:
Jehra: First, Aim and shoot at the Orlock with the shotgun with her stub pistol. If the Shotgun Orlock has moved out of sight then move W to cover, then try to reload her lasgun. (I probably don’t recommend more than this, I’m easily confused, but feel free to do what you want)