Neonheim (part 4): Beams

Neonheim (part 4): Beams

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I’d moved over to the right-hand side of the board for this part of the build, adding the fabricated cardboard I-beam sections and some plain foam panelling for some interest down the wall. Whilst they look pretty unsupported now I’m planning to add some pipes in to hold things up. I’d also staggered the levels here to make lines of fire more interesting.

The next level…

Adding the pipes now, some of these include branches high up. (It wouldn’t be necro without some mysterious dripping water)

First pipe in.

The pipes were then tied in with some radial brackets.

Second pipe and brackets in.

Next, the intent was to have something of a pool/hive-swamp at the bottom of the table. As this was supposed to be part of a modular structure I didn’t want to have the complexity of aligning resin pours so I added a weir/retaining wall around the base. I thought about doing the retaining wall vertical so I could put it flush up against other boards but in the end I went for a slope to give me a better look on this board.

Another view on the weir

Next was some more pipes feeding into the pool, and some foam to fill in the back wall.

More pipes

Finally whilst all that was drying I made a start on the ‘neon’ for Neonheim, a big ol’ retro signboard built from scratch. Fortunately as it is for an underhive hell-city so I didn’t need to be too neat.

The sign…
…And in situ.

I was happy when that was all done and the sign posts aligned with the tubes in the walkways.

I wonder what the sign should say?

Up next, some more work on the pool.

That’s it for now.