De Robbin of Dustiplace454

A record by Illuminus Vordrain, formally Ministorum Savant of the fast-trader Mordens Bounty, now most splendid chronicler to his excellency Captain Makkath de Exile, Waagh-Boss, Arch-Bastard, the Eva-loota.

Entry 1:

If they fight back, krump em good. If they doesn’t robb em and leave them alive. Cos then you can be back to robb em again. – Shae’gabolga Pirate Queen

Morden’s Bounty, now rebuilt and renamed as the Waagh-Krooza De Fang arrived in orbit of this unknown world several weeks ago after Captain Makkath’s services were secured by a band of Xenos who refer to themselves as the Tau. This species I had no knowledge of, though they seem happy to have other races do their work for them and I observed several other Xenos in their service. However with Captain Makkath I hope they are sure of themselves as the Ork are surely the least pliable race in existence.

After initially heading planetside to ‘assist’ the Tau,Captain Makkath returned to De Fang and announced that there had been a great victory against dem poisonous-pointy gitz.

Following the defeat of the presumed Dark Eldar, Makkath took to his throne on the Fang and ordered his Loot-enants to surface in order to construct a space-port, thereby allowing the band to land their heavier equipment and for the operation of ork airpowa across the planet.

As the Captain explained to me, De Docte and Bow Sun Wasnas, both are treacherous individuals but they hate each other more than anything else. Therefore keeping them busy scheming against each other rather than looking at the Captain’s chair and, as they are both responsible for the construction, they will work doubly hard to ensure their work finishes the building.

I watched the initial building work begin, in a typical orkoid fashion. A heavy shuttle from the ancillary ships being crashed from orbit onto the planet’s surface to provide a power source and plenty of scrap to begin the building of the base.

As the shuttle fell into the atmosphere I watched as it started to glow from the reentry heat and wondered what had become of the Orks’ enemies on the surface and how long this arrangement with the Tau could hold out. Certainly I have my suspicions that the Captain had some ulterior motive for being here. Something he had not shared with his employers or anyone else.

Started a campaign using the new 40k crusade rules. Seem like a great system to really play the kind of games that I enjoy. After an initial victory and draw (mighty victories) Captain Makkath’s freebooters are off to see what trouble they can cause on an Eldar Crone world, vomited up by the Great Rift (a bounty from Gork’s Grin no doubt).