Well, I've had this site for over a year now without putting up any content, partially I like to support internet host sites if my fees but mostly I’m very good at procrastinating over writing. 

The intent of this website isn’t so much to review products (or certainly not provide topical reviews, or to plug, support or detract from any particular brand or style of game. Instead it’s a place to talk about what I notice or think worthy of comment in CRPGs, table-top RPGs and LRPs (LARPs?).

Mostly I’d like to spend some time thinking about RPG theory as I see it and give advice or interest based on my positive & negative experience running and playing various forms of RPG.

I’ve been running and playing games for over 15 years and for most of that time I’ve been writing my own content or developing ‘house’ additions to commercial rule sets. Currently I run a small near-future LRP game in the UK and play what table-tops I have time for.


Hopefully what I put up here will be of interest or use to people, so enjoy.