• Nerdeast 2016: Scifi Talk


    These are the notes I wrote for a talk at Nerdeast 2016 on running small science-fiction LARPS. Rather than spend a chunk of time to reformat this as a standalone article I'd rather publish this as a it stands and then cover the areas I'm particularly interested in as separate pieces. As it stands there is a reasonable pre-amble about science-fiction and general Larp theory to give a foundation to some of the later topics.

    It's also written from a UK point of view so our rather 'keen' control of imitation firearms is addressed from that regards. 

    Hopefully the document as it stands will be still of interest to people.

    They are reasonably complete for talk notes but there was some additional conversation which isn't captured here.


  • Tip: The Golden Concept

    When setting out to write/manage/run a system, like with anything else, one should have a defining objective or mission statement for the system. This should form a Golden Concept which can be used to inform or make all other system decisions.

    This article is predominantly written from an Larp point of view but it can be equally true for a table-top or CRPG.


    A clearly defined route in game development and running...