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  • Let's make a... Post Apocalyptic LRP Axe (Part (2)

     In part 1 (link) we went through building up the blank-core for the weapon and a general shaped foam-blank for the body.

    Originally, this was a dark-ages style bearded axe, and I hadn't really wanted to remake the head so I’d left that as it was. I do however want to make is more suitable for a post-apocalyptic wasteland role, so I want to gruff it up and make it looks more like it’s been ‘improved’ for combat. I'm thinking a bit of a basic hand-guard for the main hand, some reinforcement for the shaft and maybe ‘welding’ some big nuts onto the back of the blade to make it look a bit heavier and like it has maybe been modified to act a bit like an axe-mace cross-over.


  • Let's make a... Post Apocalyptic LRP Axe (Part 1)

    Originally Published: 20 April 2016 (re-written from drafts)

    I've had this base for a LRP-axe kicking around for years. Originally, it was for a historic dark-ages setting, but I figure, these days, I'll get more use out of it if I turn it into a wasteland-warrior's trusty mutant stopper.

  • Let’s make a… Post-Apocalyptic Axe - Tutorial (Part 3)

    With the basic shape of the axe done (part 1 & part 2), it’s now a matter of giving the weapons some style and finish. As a lot of these stages involve removing material, make sure you don’t remove too much foam or your weapon will fail safety checking. Limits will depend on your system -check with a referee/marshal/game-runner.


  • Nerdeast 2016: Scifi Talk


    These are the notes I wrote for a talk at Nerdeast 2016 on running small science-fiction LARPS. Rather than spend a chunk of time to reformat this as a standalone article I'd rather publish this as a it stands and then cover the areas I'm particularly interested in as separate pieces. As it stands there is a reasonable pre-amble about science-fiction and general Larp theory to give a foundation to some of the later topics.

    It's also written from a UK point of view so our rather 'keen' control of imitation firearms is addressed from that regards. 

    Hopefully the document as it stands will be still of interest to people.

    They are reasonably complete for talk notes but there was some additional conversation which isn't captured here.


  • Wastelander Rifle Build (part 1)

    I recently attended a Larp Event called Wastelands UK (website) and I’m keen for making their next session. Wastelands UK make use of a fair chunk of Nerf combat in their game and that’s something I’ve not done a lot of so I’m short a good Nerf-gun physrep. Easy option would be to kitbash an existing Nerf piece but I’m always loathed to make life too easy for me so I’m thinking I might go for a fresh build from the ground up.

    Mechanism wise I really like the motion of bolt action rifles and because I can use the cycling action to re-prime the air-cylinder I think this is the route I’m going to go down. Particularly as I don’t like the action on Nerf-pistols when they prime off the top slide. Credit where it’s due, I’m likely to rely fairly heavily on the original design work done by Evan Neblett (Boltsniper) on Nerf Haven with his FAR project. But looking at his design there are a few things I’m thinking I might adjust on my build.

    Stylistically things will be pretty influenced by the mechanism but there should be some room there to make something look interesting. But I also want to avoid the fairly restrictive VCR 2007 which limits a lot of what you can legally do with regard to imitation fire-arms in the UK. Not that you see the VCR enforced very often, but I’m loathed to be the one who gets charged under it.

    Wastelands is a Fallout inspired Larp and I feel a bit bad, because at the moment my kit is a bit modern looking so if I’m going for a new build rifle this is a good chance to take it back to the retro…

    Of the actual Fallout rifles my character has a military look so I want to stay away from the obviously scavenged pipe-rifle styles. I like the look of the modified Fallout 4 Gauss Rifles but that’s not really a starting character piece of kit.

    I’m also a fan of the Fallout 4 Assault Rifle, it’s a good looking design with some nice details but a lot of the design elements would probably be out of place on bolt-action rifle.


    Fallout 4 Assault Rifle (c) Besthesda Games Studio

    Both the Gauss Rifle, and to a less degree, the Assault Rifle would go some way to avoiding my concerns regarding the VCR.

    Looking at real-world inspiration for a retro 50’s gun I’m a fan of the look of the FG 42, particularly the Model I, and the BAR, while the M14 and L1A1 both suit the time frame but are pretty normal looking guns. The British Experimental EM-2 suits nicely for looking a bit different and probably is a good fit for the aesthetic of a Fallout inspired Great Britain.

    Whilst none of these are bolt-action rifles the look of them could be applied to the build.

    I also like the look of bullpup rifles, and the shorter length tends to be an advantage in the close fighting that is typical for Larp & Nerf combat, but given the mechanism and the likely already very remote trigger pull it probably wouldn’t be a practical option.


  • Wastelander Rifle Build (part 2)

    Well through periods of being very busy with work and being ill, progress has continued on the Wastelander Rifle design - part 1 is here.

    DISCLAIMER: As this now looking a bit more realistic I wouldn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. This is purely a ‘toy’ rifle designed to shoot Nerf gun type darts using air from an internal piston. Additionally, though I’m designing it to be used in Larp personally, I cannot make any claims about its suitability to be used in such a manner.


    Wastelander Rifle Overview


    After a lot of tweaking with the design I’ve got a set of internal mechanics that I am happy with.