Happy, very belated, 2017...

I'm still alive and planning out some articles but very busy with work currently, which slows stuff down.

My Wastelander Rifle build is still going in the background but for now I'm mostly involved in some quick(er) Nerf gun mods. 

One vanilla Hammershot...

Currently I need an off-hand weapon for a LARP I'm playing so I'm looking to do a decorative mod for a trusty Nerf Hammershot. I really like the fact it's one of the only non-electric Nerf guns that allows for one-handed use. However I want to add a non-functioning barrel as I don't like the look of it firing straight from the cylinder. I'm planning to add a few details just to make it more useful in game but I'm not planning anything too special.

Checking it will shoot with a barrel.
Rough concepts.
More defined sketches.
Final concepts

 Now I have a basic concept that I'm happy with I'm planning to model things up in 3D to finalise the design.